4) What Is Your Fashion?

In this world many boys, girls,men, and women have their own style. On these days many people are using vans, converse, uggs, etc. I think  people  should show who they really are because that is something that is very important in life. For example when you get married and you don’t dress like who you really are than your husband married a fake. My look is kinda like a girly girl but I don’t act like that but the dressing up part that’s what I really am. When something is new and they see that it is the new fashion that acually means that everybody is going to be using it, I won’t lie to you but I do it too.

Many girls since little they start having ideas to be a princess, mermaid, etc. but really it turns out to be your type of  fashion.  Or an example is the form of your parents dress up and if you actually lime it you stat dressing up like your parents. I was a type a person who loved how my mom dress up so she was the person who bought me the clothes and show me how to match all my clothes. I am a person who loves clothes and match them, I even want to be a designer one day. So this is your question what’s your fashion?

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